Drip Irrigation Tape

T-Tape Drip Irrigation Tape

The most known and reliable Drip Irrigation Tape in the World. T-Tape is used on a variety of agricultural crops, helping to reduce water consumption, increasing the quality of production and the income of the farmer. It has the widest range of specifications in the industry.

Ro-Drip Irrigation Tape

Ro-Drip is a reliable solution for all your surface drip irrigation needs.

D1000 Drip Irrigation Tape

The only gauge irrigation tape with the water outlet in the crack configuration. ActiveFlex ™ technology, the product of Rivulis' long tape and dripping tube experience, provides the farmer with the most advanced product in the industry. High levels of irrigation uniformity and resistance to clogging.

Drip Irrigation Line

Hydro PC Self-compensating Integral Drip Line

The Hydro PC drip line is manufactured with self-compensating cylindrical drippers, allowing farmers to irrigate crops in the most varied field conditions.

D5000 Self-Compensating Plane Dripper

D5000 Self-Compensating Drip Line provides the right combination of state-of-the-art functions for reliable, efficient performance in a drip line.

The Rivulis D5000 regulated flow dripper uses a universal flat dripper that can be integrated into various line diameters and wall thickness configurations

Hydrogol Turbulent Flow Drip Line

Hydrogol is an integrated drip line made of various diameters, wall thicknesses, flow rates and dripper spacings.

D2000 Drip Line

The Rivulis D2000 drip line provides the right combination of functions for reliable and efficient performance in a medium and heavy wall thickness drip line.


Supertif Self-compensating dripper

For consistent flow and a wide variety of pressures, Supertif is the drip dispenser you need.

Katif Regulated Flow Drip

The dripper Katif in regulated flow line provides several key features, including a mechanism for self-cleaning, low-profile position and a highly accurate flow control diaphragm.

E1000 Turbulent Dripper

Non-self-compensating dripper with features that allow you to build the right irrigation system for your crop. All E1000 have a multi-function output and allow opening and cleaning of the maze.