WATER SILOS, a strong example

Water is often stored in water silos. Through flexible production, we can achieve the most efficient solution in steel silos. The silos can have a diameter of 1 to 32 meters and a height of 1 to 5.5 meters. Our water silos are long lasting and easy to assemble. The steel plates are distinguished among other characteristics by their dimensional stability and mechanical resistance, the plates can also have a highly durable coating and, therefore, extend the life of the silo to 25 years or more.

The silos in all cases have an Aquatex® waterproof coating, which is specially designed for storing water for agriculture. Aquatex® is available in various model types and thicknesses, suitable for storing rainwater (potable water), holes and recirculation water.

To prevent algae growth and water evaporation in the silo, Genap offers a wide range of coverage options, with materials specifically developed and suitable for storing water in countries with extreme climatic conditions such as heat, UV radiation and cold temperatures.