The Symington family has been present in the Douro since 1882, where it has 1,028 hectares of

vineyard area, distributed in 27 properties, the great majority planted in levels, in viticulture of slope. Symington has also acquired in 2017 a property of 42 hectares of vineyard in the district of Portalegre (Alentejo).

Irrigating the Douro vines, located in a share ranging from 140 m to 500 m in altitude from sea level, requires a robust pumping, and an excellent sizing of the irrigation system, the requirements that Symington found in Magos.“There is a lack of knowledge in Agricultural Hydraulics in the Douro and here, Magos has a leading role and a very important added value for Symington” Pedro Leal da Costa, head of Viticulture for Symington, reports.