Sogrape, one of the most respected wine production companies in the country, planted in 2020 a new 18-hectare vineyard at Quinta do Sairrão, in São João da Pesqueira, currently totalling 600 hectares of vineyards in the Douro and around 900 hectares at national level. Magos Irrigation Systems installed the irrigation system for the new vineyard, implementing a technical solution tailored to the customer's needs. «It is a vineyard at the top, on a land with 35% slope and about 40m between the highest and the lowest elevation», explains José Manso, responsible for viticulture at Sogrape in the Douro, referring that in this region each vineyard is a unique case and therefore technical solutions "out of the box" are needed. «Magos presented us with a functional solution, demonstrated technical capacity, met the deadline for carrying out the work and, above all, gave a personalised response to our problems», he guarantees. One of the challenges was related to the storage of water in a residential area of ​​the company, which required a solution with reduced environmental impact, which was achieved with the installation of a "cylinder" (Genap deposit). Sogrape is one of the companies with the largest area of ​​irrigated vines in the Douro (200 hectares) and even the region of Vinhos Verdes (Minho) has vineyards with irrigation system installed by Magos Irrigation Systems.