Herdade da Corona

José Maria Guedes is investing in the hedge olive grove culture at Herdade da Corona, a 2,200-hectare agrosilvopastoral property, whose predominant activity is the production of cork and livestock. The businessman explains why he chose the olive culture: «it is a culture where there is consolidated technical knowledge and it seems to us to be a safe investment. On the other hand, we wanted to occupy spaces on the property, where there is a high level of depopulation due to the mortality of trees, with a culture that consumes less water than the fodder we used to produce to feed cattle. Compared to fodder, watered by a pivot, the olive grove consumes 1/3 of the water ». At Herdade da Corona, irrigation is done with water stored in a private dam, which requires a very careful and efficient management of the resource. The irrigation project, designed by Prorega, and the installation and materials, under the responsibility of Magos Irrigation Systems, respond to this need for efficiency. The irrigation system installed will also be used to irrigate part of the cork oak area at Herdade da Corona.


«I was surprised and I am very satisfied with the professionalism of Magos Irrigation Systems. It seems to me that I am in good hands », José Maria Guedes, owner of Herdade da Corona.