In the summer of 2020, Magos Irrigation Systems installed the irrigation system in a new avocado orchard (25 hectares) of the JBI Group, which already totals 255 hectares of avocado trees in the Algarve. «The avocado is here to stay, the Algarve has excellent conditions for produce and customers and consumers recognise the superior quality of the Algarve avocado and are willing to pay more for it », guarantees João Bento, businessman who leads the JBI Group and is one of the faces of the newly created Global Avocados. This new company is a project of João Bento, Luís Neves of Frutalgoz, Hugo Melita and Rui Sá of Sunshine Fruits, which together hold 565 hectares of avocado orchards, that is, 1/3 of the total area of ​​avocado in the Algarve. «We want to enhance the Algarve's avocado and make it reach the whole of Europe», says João Bento. In December 2020, Global Avocados opened a fruit processing and reception center in Tavira with the capacity to process 200 tons of fruit / day (40,000 tons / campaign).