The sleeves marketed by Magos Irrigation Systems are manufactured with high quality resins allowing the use of various service pressures.

Magos Irrigation Systems offers to the market rolls of 100m of two types of Irrigation Sleeve - monolayer and multilayer:


It surfaced in the market for about two years under the trade name of RIBAFLAT and is suitable for conducting water for pressures from 4kg to 6kg.


Being a more flexible Irrigation Sleeve, it’s ideal for water conduction and suitable for perforated sleeve. Magos Irrigation Systems makes available to the market two brands IBEROFLAT and PROFLAT in rolls of 100m and 91m respectively, both for pressures of 4kg to 6kg.


In order to meet the farmer's needs, Magos Irrigation Systems offers to the market the Pierced Sleeve, a distribution hose equipped with lateral outlets for the connection of irrigation tapes. The sleeve is manufactured with very high quality resins, which allow the use of service pressures of 2.5 kg / cm2, being adequate and resistant to the difficult conditions supported in open field horticulture.

Connectors already installed at 1.53 cm (or other length on request) cover all models and tape diameters available on the market (watering tape with inner diameters of 16 and 22 mm).

The Pierced Sleeve is available in diameters of 70 and 102 mm, in boxes with 100 meters length.


High pressure sleeve ideal for watering, pumping and filtration machines. Measures on request.