Mission. Valorisation of agricultural production

Magos Irrigation Systems has a mission to valorize agricultural production through global solutions to increase the profitability of farmers. The company contributes to the growth of national agriculture, working day-to-day to improve the irrigation performance.

Vision. Leading and being the market’s benchmark

Magos Irrigation Systems considers leadership a permanent objective, which is why it keeps constant attention to the market dynamics, looking for the right partners to provide functional and reliable irrigation solutions to its customers.  Magos Irrigation Systems wants to contribute to a new water culture in Portugal, considering that water is a vital resource for the development of agriculture and the country and it must be preserved in a perspective of sustainable development and respect for future generations.


  • Firstly the customers, their needs and their satisfaction
  • Honoring and respecting the commitments made
  • Act with environmental and social responsibility
  • Promote employee appreciation
  • Seeking continuous improvement