The Trilho Saloio project is a company that has about three years, we started with planted crops of super intensive olive groves with varieties that ensure the extraction of extra virgin olive oil, a product that is very valued in the national and international markets. In three years we have planted around 180 hectares in Ribatejo, in a transitional area between the burgh and the field, and we have also developed in these last three years walnut plantations with the support of AgroMais, our project is to plant around 180 hectares of walnut crops, and we already have planted here about 50 hectares, and in February we will plant another 130 hectares.

From the beginning we have opted by a methodology of agriculture with precision which requires elaboration of in-depth studies of the terrains with electric instruments, autometry, analysis of soil composition, by nutrients, etc., and based on these studies we lined our irrigation projects to map the needs of the crop, the existence of water, the capacity to extract water with the characteristics of the terrain, developing a methodology for irrigation sectors with the objective of meeting diversity or non-homogeneity of the soils in the same properties, and also to increase the efficiency of resource utilisation by drip system irrigation and we found ourselves in Magos a partner who knew how to play this game, who knew how to analyse the information, who knew how to propose systems, equipment and efficient water management methodologies that fit with the company's objectives, so we have a system in precision agriculture with partners who know and master these concepts, with probe management systems, humidity measurement in different plots, thematic cameras for walnut trees, as a complement to the moisture content of the tree itself, which allows us to have a very efficient and very adequate irrigation management that is appropriate to the specific needs of different cultures, critical to quality, to efficiency. It’s critical to have a good partner in irrigation systems.