The company Agrogenil owns a total of 3,000 hectares of olive and almond groves in the Alentejo and will continue to invest in planting new orchards, especially on the left bank of the Guadiana River, guarantees Carlos Sota, Agrogenil's technical manager in Portugal. Magos Irrigation Systems is responsible for the installation of irrigation systems in Agrogenil's new orchards in Moura - 120 ha of olive grove in hedge and 45 ha of intensive almond grove (6mX3m, Lauranne variety), planted in 2019 - and in Selmes (Vidigueira) - 120 ha of hedged olive grove and 220 ha of intensive almond grove (6mX3m, Guara variety), planted in 2020. Carlos Sota highlights the irrigation system installed in Selmes as “an exemplary project due to the way it is structured”. For example, the pumping system is common to both crops and works continuously, which allows greater efficiency in irrigation management.