My name is Manuel Grave, I’m an agronomist and our activity takes place in Alentejo, mainly in this almond crop in the area of Portel. Our almond crop is planted in a super intensive system, but I prefer to call it super efficient for reasons previously explained. 

Here we have two varieties, Soleta and Avijor, with 35 hectares of each planted, divided practically in half, so we have a total of 70 hectares. 

We opted for a drip irrigation system, in our case a Magos system, because it is a very precise system that manages to water our plants in a necessary way without water waste, so as I had previously stated, there’s not any other options for a drip irrigation system.

We chose Magos because we understood that they have a good assistance, they have a good quality installation of irrigation systems and up until now we are pleased with the results, of course there have been some breakdowns as it’s part of it but they have always been solved, Magos has always been very responsive and until now we haven’t had any big problems.