Made in Saudi Arabia, the Western pivots have the same sturdy structure and are suitable for 85/8 ", 65/8" and 5 "diameters. By having the same strong and sturdy structure (angles, triangulations, swivels), just by changing the water pipe of the towers, it is guaranteed a greater ease of work and an easier replacement of parts, since all the spare parts are standardized.


The Western pivots are suitable to function as movable side ramps, circular pivots and sectoral pivots. They can also be adapted with towers, making them adaptable for all types of crops. The wheels that are equip the pivots can have standard diameter (14.9 "x 24") or upper diameter (11.2 "x 38"), the latter being indicated to avoid clogging.


The control of the Western pivots can be done remotely by radio or satellite, allowing the client to parameterize the data and interpret them comfortably through PC, mobile phone or tablet. The remote control is based on the last tower, the location being georeferenced and allowing access to the tempo, speed and pressure of the pivot.


Magos lrrigation Systems has a specialized team that covers the national territory, making assemblies and assists, always quickly, taking into account the need of the installed crop.