Olivo Pardieiro




Ferreira do Alentejo

Hectares area

530 ha



Type of installation

Integral irrigation system


The company Olivopardieiro, owned by the Olivomundo group, holds a total of 530 hectares of olive groves in Ferreira do Alentejo. In one of its low density olive groves - 190 hectares, Hojiblanca variety, 6m X 4m compass - the irrigation system was installed by Magos Irrigation Systems, requested by the investor to resize and modernize the pumping and filtration station, which now serves the whole Olivopardieiro olive groves in Ferreira do Alentejo.

«The previous system was already 14 years old and there were problems in the filtration, but with the intervention we requested from Magos Irrigation Systems everything was centralized and we improved the energy efficiency», says Bruno Cantinho, head of Olivogestão, a company that provides agronomic consultancy to Olivopardieiro. «This was the first irrigation project that Magos Irrigation Systems made at the request of Olivogestão. We were very satisfied and since then we have continued to invest in the services of Magos to install irrigation for several of our clients», adds Bruno Cantinho.