Hectares area

70 ha



Type of installation

integral Irrigation System



Manuel Grave was elected Youth Farmer of the Year 2018 in the European Union with his project of 70 hectares of almonds (Soleta and Avijor varieties), planted in the autumn of 2017, in the municipality of Portel. According to this investor, the criteria that dictated the choice of his project for the prize were: innovation and productive efficiency of the almond in hedge (plantation compass 3mX1.35m); the efficiency of the use of water obtained thanks to the fully automated drip irrigation system (installed by Magos Irrigation Systems); the sustainable dimension of the agricultural project and its location, a disadvantaged municipality, and finally, the benefit of Alqueva water, in a project co-financed by EU funds. «The almond in hedge has a lower water consumption than other almond systems with less trees per hectare. I estimate that at cruising speed, water consumption does not exceed 5,000 m3 / hectare / year», explains Manuel Grave, who says he is satisfied with the irrigation system and the installation made by Magos Irrigation Systems: «I have no reason to complain, everything is working very well so far».