Amêndoas VitoriaPolis


Amêndoas Vitoriapolis


Santa Vitoria, Beja

Hectares area

380 ha



Type of installation

Integral irrigation system


The company Amêndoas Vitoriapolis – Sociedade Agrícola planted 340 hectares of almond trees in Santa Vitória, Beja, and chose Magos Irrigation Systems as the supplier and installer of the irrigation system. «IRTA studies show that the almond tree responds to water with production, and as we are focused on obtaining the maximum potential of the almond and water is not a limiting factor in the farm, we have opted to invest in a large capacity irrigation system and quality materials», justifies Pedro Janeiro, manager of Amêndoas Vitoriapolis.

The investment capital belongs to the SFG La Vougeraie Group, one of the largest wine producers and bottlers in France, the USA and Canada. Adept and practitioner of biodynamic viticulture in France, the Group wants to reconcile economic sustainability with the preservation of local fauna and flora and the valorization of the archaeological heritage, discovered in Herdade da Coelheira.