With a very positive balance and around 20,000 visitors, Magos Irrigation Systems introduced new global irrigation solutions to the market at FRUTITEC 2018.

The event was attended by the Secretary of State for Forestry and Rural Development, Dr. Miguel Freitas, among other official entities, who presided at the inauguration of the fair, attending the UADL Farmers' Meeting and visiting the fair.

The Secretary of State stated that "this is a reference fair at the national level, especially with regard to agricultural and forestry machinery. Here I found many innovations, which was surprising because what I saw were key elements for what we want to do, namely in forest cleaning. This means that in addition to the institutions, and in addition to the producers, the companies that produce machinery are committed to creating solutions to make life easier for farmers and municipalities to clean the forest" he said, therefore making "an extremely positive balance" of the event.

The result was very positive, with most companies stating their satisfaction with the participation and willingness to return to participate in the next edition in 2019.